Saturday, September 29, 2007

Look Mom, I can do my own hair!

So my daughter was down with a virus this week and she has to be 24 hours without a fever to return to preschool or day care which was Thursday. I work from home and she came down to greet me with her hair in disarray. I asked her if she wanted me to put a "pony" (pointail holder) in it and then I said, "or do you want to do it?" I wish I could have captured he face. She thought for a moment, and I could see the wheels turning thinking I never thought about putting things in my own hair, and she finally responded with YES! She immediately marched upstairs to remove the many "pretties" (ponytail holders & barettes) from her dolls hair - which by the way are really meant for my daughter.
A bit later she comes back down to see me and is extremely proud. I couldn't resis the Kodak/scrapable picture moment. She has a small pony tail in the front on each side of her head, there are several barettes and finally one pony tail in the back with two pony tail holders in the back.

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Paul, Alicia & Presleigh said...

Definitely a scrapable moment there!!

How cute.