Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where or where have I been???

Well for those that shared in my excitement of creating a blog may have been disappointed recently at my lack of activity. I too have shared in this disappointment. While I have created a scrapbook page and a birthday calendar, my creative time has been somewhat limited. In my quest for knowledege I have returned to the pursuit of higher education. Ok really I am simply trying to obtain a BS in Business before my kids graduate high school. (keep in my mind daughter doesn't start Kindergarten until next year!) So yes I am taking 3 credit hours and in my infinite wisdom I decided to take an online course. Because it should be more convenient environment to learn right? Hah! NOT so, while convenient as in I can learn at any hour of the day, it is much more demanding that actually attending school in person. I don't think I'll ever take an online course again. So the bottom line is that I have been very busy with work and now school, which both impede on my ability to be crafty and creative! For those loyal watchers (Alicia-I think that just you ;) ) I vow to be diligent and try to post atleast weekly. Stay tuned!!


crafty al said...

You know I am right here stalking your blog on a daily basis. hee hee

webzmacs said...

Hey girl! Glad you are blogging! I'm with you ... started my blog but don't blog on a regular basis. ;-) Don't forget to visit ... you might be surprised with a new entry! hee hee