Sunday, October 24, 2010

A pumpkin fairytale, Lanterns and cake pops!

It was time to attend the annual pumpkin carving party our friend throw. We had patterns in hand (bought on clearance after Halloween last year) and clean, gutted pumpkins! Reanne wanted Cinderella's Castle, so I decided to carve mine as Cinderella's Carriage. Boy did they turn out great!!!
The castle was easy. I was able to bust this puppy out in about 15 minutes. Then there was the carriage......
This took quite a bit longer. I think it was well over an hour, maybe even two! I traced the pattern and cut 90% with an exacto knife. We get serious about our carving at this party I tell ya.
The boys just couldn't resist making theirs into something comic book related.... Doug's on the left is the White Lantern and Douglas's on the right is the Yellow Lantern. Sorry for those not comic oriented, but these are from a really cool series Blackest Night and the follow up Brightest Day. Lastly are some ghoulis cake pops. If you've never heard of these go check them out here. I got together with a girl friend friday to teach her how to make these yummies. The cake inside is a yellow cake mix dyed redish, purplish. I drizzled the red after they were set to look like blood. I found the cute little cauldron on sale at Joanne and couldn't resist. They were a hit at the party.


Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

fabulous pumpkins and way to go on the cake pops!

Rebecca said...

Those pumpkins = to die for! They are so beautiful. And props to the cake pops...they are such easy tasty treats, no? =)