Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Favorite Mom Memory

So over at Papertrey Ink (you know my new favorite stamp company) is having a contest for their forum members. I am about 99% sure I won't win but I entered anyway. They want to know your favorite memory of your mom. Here's my entry. My favorite memory of my mom was from a Spring Break trip when I was about 12. My mom's friend, her son, my brother, me and my mom all piled in the car for a "day trip" to the Sand Dunes in south west Colorado. We were going to go sledding on the sand dunes. When we arrived, to our dismay, the sand dunes were drench in water from a night fall of rain; so no sledding for us. My mom and her friend were not to be defeated and whipped out the map to see what was close by for us to do, because after all it was Spring Break! They decided on Taos, New Mexico. We went to see the pueblo's and the different artist's galleries at the pueblo. After that we had dinner. By this time the kids were exhausted. I told my mom we should just stay the night and drive home tomorrow. She responded with, "Well then it wouldn't be a day trip!" So we drove home. I'll never forget our Spring Break adventures. Thanks MOM!

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